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Fund Services

Hedge Fund Formation

We work closely with hedge fund managers looking for advice on setting up their hedge fund, the appropriate legal structure, time frame to launch, regulatory requirements, required service providers and selection, cost to launch and ongoing expense ratio.

Our expertise, enables us to provide a complete solution to launching a hedge fund including advice on the legal structure e.g. stand-alone fund, parallel fund, master feeder, umbrella fund, company or partnership, the preparation of legal documents, appointment of service providers, formation of the legal entity, advice on domicile and jurisdiction.

Our process is typically to provide you with our fund formation questionnaire which helps identify the proposed fund terms and enables us to then provide some initial advice on the appropriate fund structure and cost.

Inside Business

For further information on our hedge fund formation services, please contact us.

Private Equity & VC Fund Formation

Most venture capital, private equity funds and real estate funds are structured as a partnership with a general partner and limited partners.

We can assist with the formation and structuring of all aspects of such funds plus service provider selection, as required.

UCITS Fund Launch Services

We have vast experience in launching UCITS funds and the UCITS regulations. We are able to leverage our key relationships in the industry to provide UCITS platform solutions in order to launch UCITS funds.

Offshore Emerging Manager Platform Solutions

For fund managers looking for a turnkey solution, we provide a regulated fund platform

Digital & Crypto Fund Formation

We have significant experience with the formation of crypto and digital asset hedge funds and the evolving industry. We work closely with industry participants such as crypto exchanges, prime brokers, custody solutions for crypto, banks, directors, fund managers etc.

Management Company Services

It is often the case that our clients are looking to create a transaction but require a separate entity to act as the investment manager or investment adviser. We are able to provide advice on where best to set up a dedicated management company to your transaction, the costs, benefits, pros and cons of different regions.

We are then able to legally incorporate and register a management company whilst ensuring that the management company is compliant with local regulations and compliance.

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