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Environmental, Social, Governance

Corporate Social Responsibility | Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) – LEADERSHIP


CV5 Capital – Committed to the highest standards.

CV5 Capital has the power to genuinely make a positive impact on the world as a leading independent financial service provider. As a provider of fund governance services to investment funds, it is imperative that those responsible for oversight of a fund operations and governance (the directors on a fund, for example) are also up to speed with the growing and welcomed development of CSR and Environmental, Social Governance (ESG). Board directors should be aware of global developments and be able to add input within the governance framework.

We measure our success as a business, not only by delivering great service and continually increasing our global client basis and market share, but also by how we positively impact people, society and the planet.

Cleaning the Beach

Our success as a group depends on our people feeling motivated by their jobs and rewarded in their careers. Our people are our greatest strength and to sustain our continued success, we must ensure they feel fulfilled.

We focus our vision not only on internal business success and profitability, but also on making a positive impact on the external world and people around us too. Combined, we can do great things and have a positive impact on society and the environment. For details on our Working Group on ESG, please click here.


At CV5 Capital, we believe that respecting human rights and our planet is a global priority. We want to enable people and the planet to thrive through proactively utilising corporate social responsibility initiatives, driven on both a global and local level.

Through our values we have chosen three core areas to base our sustainable development goals on. These are areas where we can have a genuine positive impact on the world around us.

Environment: Plastic Clean-up
Society: Supporting the homeless
People: Supporting underprivileged children

We aim to support these causes on a global basis, through both funding and employee participation through ‘time-in-kind’.


  •  Always aim to be better.

  •  Lead by example — we understand that our leaders can help drive the right values and culture across the group.

  •  Work as team — we support our staff in discharging their responsibilities and bring out the best.

  •  Respect diversity and individuality— we respect people for who they are and work alongside each other without judgement

  •  Act with integrity— we always strive to live up to the highest moral and professional standards and deliver on what we promise

  •  Commitment to community— we believe we are all an integral part of our socio–economic environment and work to make a difference in the quality of the lives and communities around us.


Be professional, unbiased and ethical in all our dealings and relationships and respect diversity. Our ultimate goal is to conduct our business responsibly and in a way that maintains the trust and respect of our clients, regulators, investors, industry bodies and service providers. We strive to measure our impact on people, society and the planet and hold ourselves accountable. We have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, and we believe in diversity.

Help to improve the financial services industry’s reputation.

The traditional financial services industry does not have the best reputation for ethical standards or morals based decision making. We are committed to changing that perception and demonstrating that we want to empower social change. We will maintain a transparent and proactive approach and hold ourselves to the highest standards in benefiting people society and the planet.

Innovate to improve by utilising the latest technologies to minimise our impact on the environment.

The very nature of our business enables us to minimise impacts on the environment by reporting digitally. In our provision of independent director services and corporate services we are aware of the paper flow when transactions are launched and ongoing requirements. We have always been a paperless office and we continue to drive forward significant developments, with the ultimate aim of automating all elements of our reporting processes, further enhancing our positive environmental impact.

Safeguard the interests of our stakeholders, clients and investors by practicing excellence in financial security.

We take the provision of a secure, reliable, and compliant reporting service in every jurisdiction very seriously. We have robust Risk, Governance and Compliance departments and place great importance on having global oversight across the Group. Adhering to regulation and protecting our clients’ interests are fundamental, not only to our success, but to maintaining integrity as a business.

Make CSR a factor in our choice of service providers and our ability to win new business As part of our ongoing evaluation of service providers we conduct due diligence of their operations, procedures and values in relation to our own guiding principles and ethics, social and governance standards. We look to attract the kind of clients who also want to work with socially responsible and ethical businesses. As ESG strategies increase in popularity across the asset management space, we want to ensure that CV5 Capital is the professional firm of choice.


CSR activity is prioritised at a strategic level and endorsed by the Board ensuring that CV5 Capital is a purpose-orientated business delivering value to its employees, clients and local communities.​

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